Lucky Leonard

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Leonard has been a lucky boy, but he still needs your help.

It’s not easy for adult cats who end up at TLAC during kitten season. But Leonard is such a charmer that he stood out from the crowd and was chosen for our program.

For two weeks while he was getting over his cold that he caught in the shelter, he lived in his foster’s bathroom. She noticed him slightly limping on the tile, but didn’t think too much of it…the tile was slippery.

Once he was healthy, active, and no longer had to be isolated from the rest of the cats in the home, the foster started noticing the strange walking more and realized it wasn’t just Leonard slipping on the tile. Something was not quite right with Leonard.

(See video of Leonard.)

X-rays showed us that he has a slipped femoral head (a fracture where his femur and hip joint meet) and will need a $450 surgery at Animal Trustees of Austin to fix it. Not fixing it is not an option – this is likely very painful for him.
We need to ask for donations to cover the cost of his surgery.

His foster says he loves to be held like a baby, and purrs/rubs noses/butts heads/drops on his back all the time, in spite of his injury. He also, for such a big guy, has a very soft greeting trill which is very cute. He has perfectly matched white ankle socks on his front legs and white knee highs on his back legs LOL He also likes to ‘grab’ your legs if you are leaving too soon to suit him.

We hope you can help us raise $450 to get Leonard the surgery he needs to walk pain-free. Thank you for your support!

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