Mr. Z’s Weekend

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Well, Mr. Z’s weekend was a pretty laid back one. He rested quite a bit, which is probably good, given that his body is working hard to heal from the burns he sustained on 30% of his body when someone set fire to him. Unfortunately, as no one witnessed the act (which occurred in the owner’s backyard), charges cannot be filed.

We’re entering a new phase of Mr. Z’s recovery, which is obviously a painful one – the loss of more skin, fur and scabs. It itches like crazy – but he LOOOVES scratches on his rear and softer ones around the edges of the wounds. He’ll just keep backing up like “Hey, don’t stop!”

One thing is that since he’s lost so much fur, he’s having difficulty regulating his temperature, so shivers a lot. It used to be hard to ascertain if the shivering was from pain or being chilly, but smart little pup that he is, he’s figured out how to communicate: when he’s cold, he keeps his head and eyes down until I cover him with a very soft sheet. When he’s in pain, he looks into my eyes with me with those big brown eyes, unblinking. It’s not a dominance or challenging look – it seems like it’s a genuine inter-species connection.

His hydrotherapy is doing good – he just stands there and doesn’t move the whole time. Afterwards, we’ve got one happy dog on our hands! Usually after that we all go for a walk. Because of the severe skin loss and inevitable tightening up of the scar tissue, he can’t keep up with the pack, but he’s ALWAYS the first one out the door! I’ve attached a picture of him on the sidewalk, and if you look closely, you’ll see the legs of my other dogs, patiently waiting on us. Mr. Z is also a very social dog – he went right up to two bull mastiffs, wagging his tail and also approaches kids and women. He’s a little shy around men, especially young ones with a slight build (gee – wonder why that might be?!?)

Anyway, your continued thoughts and prayers are, as always, so appreciated.

Wait up guys!!!

Wait up guys!!!

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  1. mminncsays: August 5, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    I hope someone squeals and turns in whoever did this. They deserve the same fate. What has happened to “humans” that they could do such cruelty? The sad part is that other animals face the same cruelty every day. It’s good to see Mr. Z out and about !