New Southpark Meadows site

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Adoptions

This weekend, we’re opening a daily adoption site at Southpark Meadows.  Unfortunately, we had to close our Town Lake Trail site in order to do it.  We only had 1 adoption there in 2 weeks and it didn’t bring in any donations.  We just can’t afford to keep it as a daily site at this time.  We are trying to get volunteers to staff this site for a few hours in the morning on the weekend, so that we can get some of our longer stay dogs over there for some walks around the lake (we encourage the public to “rent” a dog for a walk).  We’re not giving up on it, though, and will be trying to find sponsorship so that we can reopen it as a daily site again.

One Response to "New Southpark Meadows site"

  1. Linda Rulifsonsays: August 23, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    I am interested in volunteering and will be submitting my application to transport dogs. I live very close to Southpark Meadows. I am usually available on the weekends and lots during the week since I am retired. I am not available on Labor Day weekend since I made a prior volunteer commitment, however, I would be interested in volunteering at the Southpark Meadows site if you need volunteers there on other dates. Please let me know if you need me there and if so, what my duties would be. Thank you for your help.

    Also, exactly where is the Southpark Meadows location i.e. by what retail site?