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Chief was adopted last month. Actually, Chief was adopted twice last month. His first adoption only lasted a couple of days. We warned his adopter about Chief’s exuberance, but he’s so darn charming that our warnings were not heard. Luckily, his second adopter loves his charm AND all that energy he has!  He also has a great new name, Shadow, to go with his great new home.

Two months prior to Shadow joining us, we lost our wonderful 13 year old male dalmation, George. After that, his sister Belle, was so depressed that she had just given up on life.  She was lethargic and losing weight. She was not snapping out of it, even leaving a portion of her food for George to sneak back and eat like he used to do. But every time she checked back the food was still there.

So, we began looking for something to bring her back. Several friends who were aware of George’s passing, kept sending me the APA! posting on “Chief”. I was unusually indecisive about even checking him out since I was still mourning my loss of George.. One day, I received the posting AGAIN, with the note that he would be very near where we live. So, I told my husband we needed to at least check him out…………..that’s what we did and fell in love at first sight. We went back to the house and got Belle, so she could check him out. As any mother/big sister would be, she was tolerant but not exactly as charmed with him as he was with her!!

While that is how it started, he has truly captivated all of his new friends in the household. The cats have trained him to slow down and not crowd! And Belle has slowly but surely begun to share her life and knowledge with him. She has come back to life if for no other reason than to whip this pup into shape! It is no longer just finding a way to help Belle, but simply enjoying this spunky little character and helping him help us along the way.

shadow1We renamed him Shadow because he shadows our every move. And I guess he has trained us, too. I find myself wondering where he is if I get up in the middle of the night or go outside and he is not there right by my side. Shadow is so eager to be friends with everyone who comes into the house……..the first thing they see is him and whichever toy he is going to give them for coming to visit him. He loves to fetch his soft frisbee or bright yellow tennis ball. That seems to have helped his usage of the right rear leg some. He is the real scholar at his training classes; very smart and , yes, eager to learn and please. Shadow doesn’t like anyone to come near his territory without being “announced” with perked up ears and a bark or two, but once we tell him it’s OK he relaxes back to Shadow.

We know he still has several medical issues in the road ahead but we will be right there with him………….afterall, he is our Shadow!

And thank you to Austin Pets Alive! and most importantly Dr. Jefferson.

2 Responses to "Report on Chief"

  1. Jane Sheffieldsays: August 25, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    It’s wonderful to know Shadow (formerly Chief) has a good happy home and that Belle has welcomed her new brother. Congratulations to all of you!

    On a separate note, I was so disappointed to read in today’s paper that people had stolen donations to Pets Alive. I sent a donation after reading the article and hope many others will do the same. It’s a great thing you do for the death row animals. Thank you so very much.

  2. Margaret Grantsays: September 1, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    We had the privilege of fostering Chief, now Shadow, and we are so happy to hear about this wonderful new chapter in his life. Hooray! Thank you!