Sassy Sassafrass Needs You!

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And you better believe this spunky little firecracker isn’t taking no for an answer!  Sassy is like that really hot chick at school with the goofy sense of humor and effortless confident glow.  She knows what she wants and she’s got a repetoire of adorable tricks up her sleeve to get it. 

To put it as concisely as we can, Sassy is 100% pure awesomeness.  Her face is uniquely beautiful with an intangible silliness and almost constant expression of curiosity.  She looks like an animated cartoon princess.  She’s never boring, even when she’s relaxed.  Sassy’s antics and Tejas sized personality will keep you laughing and smiling all day long.

You’d never know it when you meet this beautiful goofball that she’s had some physical challenges to deal with during her first year of life.  Sassy has luxating patellas in her two back legs, which means that her knee caps pop in and out of place.  It’s as frustrating as it sounds for this girl who wants to run, play, and show off all the tricks she knows.  But Sassy takes it in stride, just as she does every challenge that comes her way! 

Watch her video to see Miss Sassy with all of her spunk. Just imagine how much fun she’ll have when she has two strong knees (You can help her by donating for her surgery)!


She even created her own sideways versions of “sit” and “down.”  She’s an adaptable little smartypants who’s not going to let anything stand between her and her goals!  If her goal is to hang out in the air conditioning for awhile, this little ham achieves it by plopping right down in front of the sliding doors at Petsmart and soliciting belly rubs from everyone who passes by.  Tell her it’s time to go and she looks at you innocently as if to say, “Who me?  I’m entertaining my public.” 

We have raised enough money to perform Sassy’s first knee surgery and have finally been able to find an (outstanding!) foster willing to keep her through the surgery and subsequent recovery.  Today is surgery day!

When Sassy’s first knee heals, she will then be ready for her second surgery.  In order for this special girl to be good as new and bounce around like the Tigger cum gazelle that she is, she needs two things from you.  First, we need to raise the funds for her second surgery.  Second, we need to find a foster willing to keep her through that surgery and subsequent recovery time. 

If you are able to donate, please do so – every little bit helps!  Even $5.00 will get Sassy closer to zooming around in the grass the way she so very wants to! 

If you are able to foster Sassy through her second surgery or want more information on what that entails, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required

Sassy thanks you in advance.  She knows you won’t be able to resist her.  ;-)

Photo 1 by Chloe Pix Photography, Photos 2 & 3 and video by Stuart Phillips d/b/a Grateful Dog Photo / Video / Design.

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  1. kathleen smithsays: August 3, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    She looks like Happy Big Head’s (Seth) sister!