Special Adoption Event at TLAC Sunday 8/25

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Events, Pets Needing Homes

The Ringworm Ward at TLAC is currently over capacity by approximately 10 kitties. Because of this, kitties currently located in the ward are available for adoption THIS SUNDAY 8/25 for just $25, plus all treatment will be provided by APA! The event will take place in the Davenport Building conference room (first building as you pull into the parking lot).

What is Ringworm?

It’s a skin fungus, similar to athlete’s foot, that causes hairloss in cats. Fortunately, the treatment is pretty easy and is entirely more effective in a home than it is in a shelter environment. It can be contagious to people and other pets, but again, it’s very easy to treat. Hairloss with Ringworm is most often seen on the nose, tail and tops of the toes of cats.

What is the Treatment?

Many kitties with Ringworm can be treated simply with topical anti-fungal cream, such as Lotrimin, that can be found at most drug stores for about $8. However, adopters of Ringworm kitties will also receive oral medication, and even a Sulphur wash to bathe the kitty in, at no extra charge! Typically, Ringworm can be cured in 2-3 weeks.

Meet the Kitties!

NEIL & DIAMOND – these brothers are 4 months old and have been together in our adoption program since they were rescued. They are nearing the end of their Ringworm treatment and would be so happy to finish that up in a home instead of the Ringworm Ward. They are silly, affectionate, and just want someone to love on them.

PAULA DEEN – an amazing Tiger-striped 4 month old tabby girl. She really has stunning markings that are more exotic looking than any brown tabby we’ve seen. Paula also has Cerebellar Hyperplasia, which makes her wobbly. CH kitties live perfectly normal lives and full lifespans, they just don’t have the sense of balance that most cats do. When she had her photo taken, the photographer only saw one small spot of Ringworm on her nose, which is so easy to treat! Paula is a very sweet kitten and her sister, Cat Cora, is also available in the Ringworm Ward.

FLANDER – a tan and white tabby with large, expressive eyes, Flander is full of energy and very playful…just like a kitten should be! He is the last kitten of his litter to be adopted, and he is just waiting for his new family to come along and scoop him up!

Please consider stopping by the Davenport Building of TLAC at 1156 W. Cesar Chavez on Sunday, 8/25, and take a look at these sweet kitties. Adoptions start at Noon!