Tyler Has Been Searching For His Future Mom Or Dad For A Long Time…Is It You?

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Tyler came to APA! as a stray from Austin Animal Center over 800 days ago. When he first arrived in June 2013, Tyler was afraid of everyone and everything. The world was a very terrifying place for this gorgeous boy, affectionately known as “TyTy”.  Although we don’t know his past, Tyler came to us potty trained with excellent loose leash walking skills, and a knowledge of training commands like “Sit” and “Down”.

Tyler Sweater with Tivra 3-1-15Throughout his residence at APA!, Tyler has befriended dozens of APA! volunteers who have worked with him to overcome his fear of strangers. His training program the past 2 years has been to meet a new friend every week, and thanks to all of the wonderful APA! volunteers and their friends and extended family, he’s far less shy and fearful these days, and has even become one of the most popular and loved dogs at the shelter!

He meets new friends by doing a structured “Check It Out” routine, which involves the friendly stranger sitting in a chair and lots of juicy chicken breast! Once Tyler meets you with the help of his structured introduction routine, he loves you forever, and is ajoyful, loyal, affectionate companion.  Tyler’s many friends also introduced him to APA!’s agility course, where he loves showing off his skills, flying high over the hurdles and trotting down the balance beam.

Kevin Logan 3-8-15agilityThanks to APA!’s dog playgroup program, we learned that Tyler is drawn to very dog-social female canine playmates, so he’d thrive in a home with a super friendly and social girl doggie, although he’d be perfectly happy as the only dog as well.

Being a healthy boy, Tyler has energy to burn and a desire to explore. He takes one of his APA! volunteer buddies for long walks around Town Lake every day, rain or shine, where he continues to rehearse his behavior training and leash skills in a “real world” setting.  He insists on plenty of swim breaks though, where he gleefully dives into the lake to paddle out and retrieve sticks.
Tyler often is invited to go on “sleepovers” with his APA! friends, and he is very respectful and submissive toward the family’s dog-social female dog.
He doesn’t have potty accidents and is not possessive over his food or toys. And, he seems to enjoy his pre-sleepover bubble baths too!

IMG_2715Tyler will most likely always be a shy guy when meeting new people, and he needs an understanding mom or dad. Tyler’s ideal family is one with a soft spot for shy and fearful dogs that offers a low traffic household that won’t force him to interact with lots of strangers. A family with no children is ideal, since the little ones may be too scary and overwhelming for him. Tyler will also need a long walk every day, but with his wonderful leash skills, walking him is a joy. Regarding animal companions, Tyler is too focused on cats for us to recommend a feline friend, but he’d love a very dog social female canine sister.  Do have a soft spot to adopt 4 year old Tyler the Pointer mix?  He’s been waiting a long time, but for just the right family, the wait will be worth it! Email email hidden; JavaScript is required or stop by 1156 W. Cesar Chavez any day of the week between 11:30-7:00 to meet him in person!