Your Dollars Fill This Collar

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Donations, Fundraising, Organizational, Rescue

During your last visit to APA!, you may have noticed a banner like this one:


Here’s the inside scoop:

This summer has been a busy one at Austin Pets Alive!. On average, we have saved three more animals per day than we did this time last year. These animals have included puppies with parvovirus, orphaned kittens, cats with ringworm, dogs that don’t do well in shelter settings and more.

And saving more lives means increased cost. Since all basic care for an animal costs approximately $250, our animals rely on people like you to help provide this care.

So the next time you are at one of our sites, take a moment to see firsthand the animals you help save with every dollar you donate.

Because your dollars really do fill that collar.