Your help is needed…

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Austin Pets Alive! is growing.  We saved around 160 animals in July literally hours before their dates with euthanasia.  We have five locations to do adoptions from.  We have programs like PASS that are getting inundated with people who are desperate to place their pet without turning them into the city shelter where they stand a less than 50% survival rate. 

While we are growing we are experiencing some growing pains.  We lost two adoption counselors due to unpreventable circumstances and with them, we lost their vehicles.

As you know the vehicles are critical for our programs as they allow us to shuttle animals from Town Lake Animal Center when we pull them off the euthanasia list or when they come to us from cruel circumstances.  Vehicles allow us to bring animals to our adoption locations all over town so that we can continue to adopt and save.

So my question to you is:  Does anyone have a vehicle or know someone that has a vehicle to donate to APA!?

We are a certified 501c3 organization and the only requirements are a/c and room to stack at least 5 crates (so minivan, suv, or van).

Thanks for putting your thinking caps on.  This organization is fueled by the community and the community’s desire to put needless euthanasia to rest (so to speak!). 

Together we can make a difference~!

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  1. Pat Valls-Trellessays: February 5, 2009 at 8:13 am

    The TLAC Donations Fund receives about $200,000 in donations each year. We had a meeting last week and are planning for another meeting in March to give community groups a voice in how to spend the money.

    It seems to me that having TLAC purchase one or two vehicles out of the Donations Fund for use by Austin Pets Alive and possibly other rescue groups would be a good use of donations made by the community.