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zaneI’m sitting here trying to think what to write about Zane, as he sleeps with his head on my foot. I’ve only had him since Saturday night, and he’s already very attached to me. He’s not at all what we had expected. After the tidbits of information we heard about him, I had planned on a totally out of control, wound-up sort of dog. What I found in Zane is very much the opposite.

He’s a remarkably well behaved dog. Maybe he didn’t show off this side of himself at the adoption sites, but it seems to be his true nature. Like most dogs, his sole aim is to please his humans. I think the thing that has most surprised me about Zane is how well he follows directions. He walks very nicely on a leash. In three short days, he has learned to sit and wait at the door to allow us to get in or out first. He’s learned “drop it” and to sit patiently for his dinner. He sleeps while we eat our own dinner. He plays well with us and also plays well by himself too.

Zane is the biggest puppy I’ve ever met. When he feels relaxed and secure, his silly side comes out. He loves it when we throw a ball or toy for him. He bounds after it likes it’s the best game ever. He loves to snuggle and seems to think he belongs in my lap. He loves to lay his head on our legs, waiting for a rub. His goofy grin makes us all laugh.

Zane has thrived in our calm, structured home environment and he’s really good in the house. No chewing, accidents and really no problem at all. Maybe cats and small children may not be the best companions for him right now while he still has so much puppy-like energy, but I think that’s his only limitation. With consistent training and gentle, firm leadership, Zane will be a really fun and loyal companion.

We’ll be leaving on vacation in a weekend, and we’d really like to find a new home for him before then so that he doesn’t have to go back out to the adoption sites (which clearly stress him). Are you interested in meeting Zane? You will be pleasantly surprised by this sweet boy.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Zane had to return to the adoption sites today. He was such a good boy at our house, but unfortunately one of our dogs just didn’t accept him. Zane had so much fun being in a home, and I really hope he gets that opportunity again very soon. You can find out where Zane will be today by checking out the Daily Dog Locations.

2 Responses to "Zane"

  1. Amysays: August 12, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    I am so happy that you’ve gotten to know and share what a wonderful dog Zane is! He is absolutely a sweet, silly, snuggle bug and a quick learner! I hope that he finds a forever home soon with someone who will appreciate how lucky they are to have found such a wonderful, loyal companion!

  2. Don Rausays: August 17, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Zane and he is the most wonderful, sweetest dog you will ever meet. If I didn’t already have two rescue dogs in our small house, I would snatch him up in a heartbeat. Forget any anti-depressant pills you might be on – Zane is the cure! He is super-intelligent and super loving. Zane is a true “pearl in the shell!”