Our Happy Endings are Their New Beginnings

by laurenbugngus • Posted in: Adoptions

One of our rescues, Scamp (now Sasha) was adopted by a wonderful new family a few weeks ago. Jenny, Sasha’s new mom, works at Taurus Training- Lake Travis and was nice enough to send along this note. It is always great to hear about our former “babies”. We here at APA! open our hearts and many times our homes to these pets and it’s so great to get updates. Bittersweet many times because we miss them so much but knowing that they are in good homes and are loved makes up for everything. Even if it just a sentence or two with a picture we really appreciate it. So keep ’em coming!

Jason and myself would like to thank everyone who helped us get our wonderful dog. We’ve changed her name to Sasha and she seems to like it. She has been spending her days playing at Taurus, Bullcreek, and at Grandma’s house. She has barely left our side and during the short time that she has been by herself, she has been a very good girl. She has started sharing the couch with her kitties and even exchanges a kiss with them every now and then. In a couple of weeks we are going to start her off leash training here at Taurus. We can’t thank you enough, she has truly completed our lives. I’ve attached 2 pictures; one with Sasha and Jason and one with myself and her.

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