A Bastrop-Inspired Happy Ending

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Through our work in the Bastrop recovery we happened to find a very special adopter for a very special pup named Xanadu (now Baylee). We think the story is best told in her own words. Enjoy!

I am very happy to report that Baylee has settled into her new home.

I became acquainted with APA through Pawsitively Texas (PT) on Facebook.  I just happened to be reading the newest posts on PT on Sunday evening before Labor Day when the fires started and the first posts about APA were coming in.  It was all my husband, Patrick could do to keep me from jumping in the truck and heading to Austin.  Because all I could do was pray, that is what I did.  I asked God to please let people know that help was needed and that He would lay it upon folks hearts to go to APA to help.  Those prayers were answered.

Through the next few days, I began calling local vets when the needs lists were posted.  Graciously, several vets donated IV fluids and supplies, bandaging supplies, burn cream, meds, food and bedding.  During those few days, I became acquainted with Emily Moore on Facebook, too.  She was a student at UT now living in Arlington and had volunteered at APA during her time in Austin.

I made arrangements to meet her at I20 Animal Medical Center in Arlington the Friday after Labor Day, and they had donated so much that it was clear that Emily could not get it all to Austin alone.  So, I saw that as my “out” with my husband to plan a trip to Austin.  He was hesitant to bless a trip that far alone, and could not go with me due to work.  So my best friend, Pam agreed to go with me.  After visiting Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield and Matlock Oaks Vet clinic, Emily was off with what she could carry.  Sometime that week, I saw the picture of Xanadu and her sister on the shoulders of a volunteer.  Somehow I knew that I had to meet that puppy.  Arrangements were made through APA and I was able to meet her that Saturday prior to delivering supplies to APA and the mobile vet station at the Bastrop Dog Park.

We patiently waited for the spay surgery and after returning from an out of state trip this past weekend, we drove to Austin on Wednesday to pick her up.  We have two young rescue dogs already, and I have always been passionate to be involved in a rescue organization.  I have lost my father and two aunts this past year, folks I had coordinated aging in place care for many years.  Now that those responsibilities have sadly concluded, I decided that I would find ways to volunteer for rescue groups.  The needs in Austin and Bastrop came just as I was completing cleaning out my aunts home, so I firmly believe that God opened a window for me to help me through the grieving process.

I felt so badly for all affected and if in some small way, perhaps we helped.  But when I met Xanadu, she stole my heart.  We had been discussing adding a puppy to our brood for some time.  This is the first puppy that either of us have had…we are 48 and 49 years old, have been blessed financially and are passionate about our 4 legged family.

We feel blessed that Xanadu chose me (us) to be her humans.  We will work tirelessly to earn her trust, respect and admiration….there is just something very special about the unconditional love of a pet.  We will send pics often and pray for continued blessings on APA, the Hamlin family and all of those affected by the fires.  We also continue to hope for many more reunions for the fire victims and their pets.

Baylee is named for my alma mater Baylor, and my grandmother and mother…her full name is Baylee Elizabeth LaJean Lawyer….yes we are sappy like that:)

Our love,
Baylee’s Humans…Amy and Patrick

2 Responses to "A Bastrop-Inspired Happy Ending"

  1. Nancy Baumannsays: September 30, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Amy and Patrick,
    God Bless! Xanadu is one lucky puppy. You’ve truly helped her in her time of need and given her an opportunity to live a beautiful life. Nancy Baumann

  2. Nancysays: September 30, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    You went above and beyond what most folks would and love on your pups for me!
    What you did is all it takes to help the rescued and abandoned!