Breed-Specific Myths

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Adoptions, Behavior, Where are they now

As you may know, APA! doesn’t support generalizations about dogs just because of the breed. We like to think of every dog as being a unique individual, with their own quirks and personalities. Each animal is shaped by it’s upbringing and training (or lack of). And each dog, no matter the breed, wants to be a part of a family.

We came across this article in Parade that we thought put things simply. It’s nice to see a national publication providing this type of information. The story that follows about the dogs taken from Michael Vick’s kennel is an interesting read as well, and provides support for the idea that with the proper love and training many dogs can overcome rough starts.

Pit Bulls aren’t the only breeds that have assumptions passed on to them. Rottweilers are often considered “dangerous” and undesirable as household pets as well. We recently received an e-mail from an APA! adopter who adopted a rottie pup from us two years ago. It’s a wonderful display of how gentle and sweet Rottweilers can be, especially when in such a good home! Check it out and let the awwws and how cute’s begin!

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