APA Building – Bottle Baby Room Update

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Construction at the new building is well underway, surgeries are already taking place in the new facility & cats/kittens have moved in for adoptions! Also under construction is the new Bottle Baby Room. This ONE ROOM has easily three times the space as our Trailer, which we have operated in over the last year. In that small trailer since January 1st, we have rescued an astounding 592 kittens – just imagine what we’ll be be able to accomplish in the building…(more pictures)

As cabinets are being assembled, painted, attached to walls, tables collected, and inventory taken, we are in need of one critical component: a portable sink. Plumbing is not available in this room, and as many of you know, permitting & construction to add plumbing is too cost- and labor-intensive and will add significant delay to making the room fully functional. A portable sink will enable us to have hot and cold running water in the room (which we do not have in the Trailer) to use for mixing formula, bathing babies, and washing our hands! The Medical Room in the Cat Building also needs a sink (dogs are treated there, too!)

If you are interested in donating toward the purchase of a sink, or would like to purchase & donate a sink or two, here are some links to the types of sinks we are seeking:


All Portable Sinks

Ozark River

Any donation, financial or material, is tax-deductible and will mean we can save more lives. If you would like to contribute toward the purchase of two sinks, donate HERE or you can deliver directly to the building.

Thanks from all the kitties!

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