APA! Building Update – Dog Kennels

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Donations, Pets Needing Homes


The last time I was in the dog building there were just wood frames for room partitions, a few solid walls, and floor. In two weeks it’s come a long way! There are actual rooms! And you can tell what the rooms are for! Two rooms are dedicated to large dog kennels. I wandered down the hall to the second one and saw a lone dog wearing a red bandana in one of the pens. Sadie! She wiggled up to the fence, wagged her tail and didn’t make a sound. She just stared up at me, smiling and itching for some love. As I walked away she whimpered and I left with the motivation to help make this the best temporary home possible for dogs like Sadie.

We’ve received generous donations for some nice dog kennels, however, we can’t install them yet. Putting drains in the floor is no dog-walk in the park, we need a plumber to help and talk to the city about what permits we will need for this project. On top of that, we can’t install the washer/dryer without a plumber either!

Once these projects are completed, Sadie will be able to have more friends with her at the building during the week. We will be able to save 1,000 more lives per year once this building is all put together. The sooner we have the logistical things like plumbing out of the way, the sooner we can focus on helping the adoptable animals that are still being put on the euthanasia list.

If you’re a plumber and would like to help please contact us at email hidden; JavaScript is required . If you know a plumber or would like to sponsor the hiring of a plumber, we’d also love to hear from you. You can also donate toward the new building funds to help with plumbing and a number of other things using ChipIn.


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