APA! Doggie Valedictorians!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Behavior, General, Pets Needing Homes

We know the school year just started, but these two pups already have their eye on graduation.  They intend to be top of the class and cart their doggie degrees off with them straight into an adoptive home!  Please meet our male and female canine candidates for APA! Doggie Valedictorian and check out what makes them such stars!

Mustang Sally!

Stats: 1 year, 9 months pretty pittie mystery mix

Skills & Qualifications: agility course rockstar, professional napper, excellent giver of smooches, skilled performer of multiple commands, queen of playtime, super smart & spunky girl ready to take on anything

Currently Enrolled In: The Canine Center for Training and Behavior’s tutor days where she is described as a “sponge” and “the kind of dog trainers love to work with,” APA!’s Dog Behavior Program where Mustang’s fan club is in full swing

Extracurricular Activities: Doggie Rollerderby Team Captain for tough chicks with pretty faces, Varsity Canine Soccer League’s top goal scorer of the season, volunteers at APA! helping humans become better people

Likelihood that Mustang Sally will steal your heart?  A solid 100%.  Don’t miss your chance to take home laughs, adventure, and a new best friend all wrapped up in an adorable fuzzy package!


Stats: 2 years, 6 months strapping bulldog mystery mix

Skills & Qualifications: first rate goofball, slobbery kiss giver, silly playtime chaser, suave chillaxer, lover of all things big and small, couch warmer, a handsome boy with a masculine bark and physique but a sweet, gentle nature

Currently Enrolled In: The Canine Center for Training and Behavior’s tutor days where he charms everyone he meets, APA!’s Dog Behavior Program where Mason smooches are a hot commodity

Extracurricular Activities: Quarterback and MVP for the Canine Longhorns, most sought after date to Homecoming, volunteers at APA! melting away stress for humans with just one nuzzle from his big ‘ol head

Why take home Mason?  Because there is no sweeter boy to let into your heart, onto your couch or that cool spot on the floor, and into the role of best bud for life!

Ready to take home your very own doggie valedictorian?  Email email hidden; JavaScript is required for more info or check our website to see where you can meet these top of the class pups each day!

You can also follow Mustang Sally, Mason, and the rest of the Louie’s Fresh Start dogs on Facebook at Giving Dogs a Fresh Start!

One Response to "APA! Doggie Valedictorians!"

  1. Lindsaysays: September 28, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    Mason is also a great running buddy! He’s pooped after about 2 miles, but he loves it.