APA statement regarding news about hoarding case

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The volunteers and employees of Austin Pets Alive! are deeply saddened by the reported news of a case of severe animal neglect in Austin. The terrible conditions reported to us simply cannot be tolerated, and we unreservedly support the efforts of Town Lake Animal Center and local authorities as they investigate this matter and seek to put an end to the reported animal neglect. In addition to supporting investigative authorities, we have also volunteered to provide medical care for, and ultimately find loving homes for, each of the sick and healthy animals successfully rescued from the home. With all that these cats have already been through, we believe that they now deserve the opportunity to live out their lives in loving “forever” homes.

We hope that the individual involved is able to find the care and support she may need to make sure this never happens again. Regrettably, similar instances have occurred all across the United States, especially in communities where animals surrendered to animal shelters do not have a high chance of leaving alive. It is our hope that as Austin moves towards its goal of being a No Kill city where only suffering animals are euthanized, the need felt by some people to hoard animals will be forever eliminated.

At Austin Pets Alive!, we hold ourselves to the absolute highest standards of animal care, stewardship, and transparency. We have been informed by TLAC authorities that 5 of the 75 seized cats were originally saved by us from TLAC’s euthanasia list. According to our records, one of those five was adopted by the individual in question directly from us. Although APA performed a home visit at the home of the individual, we are saddened to learn that it was not the residence in question. We do not know how she acquired the other cats from multiple other adopters but we are looking into it. It is troubling to us that an animal that passed through our hands could end up in such a circumstance, and we will revisit our protocols, starting today, in hopes of preventing any of our animals from entering such a home ever again.

2 Responses to "APA statement regarding news about hoarding case"

  1. Cynthiasays: October 7, 2010 at 9:22 am

    APA I am happy for the work that you do. And all the efforts made for the animals of Austin Texas. APA knows this person.. and the APA at TLAC knew of the adopting of many cats as well as encouraging the adoption of cats that were within a day to hours of being put down. I believe that all parts being APA and TLAC were at fault for this happening. This person had regular contact with APA and TLAC… I hope everyone learns from this as I myself have!!!

  2. austinpetsalivesays: October 7, 2010 at 10:21 am

    We would never encourage someone that we suspect is hoarding animals to adopt more. Pets kept in hoarding situations suffer terribly from their horrible conditions. We believe that there’s a home for all homeless pets in Austin without resorting to hoarding. As mentioned in our statement, we are reviewing all of our practices to help ensure that this doesn’t happen again.