Bottle Baby Progress Report – August 2010

by shoreyr • Posted in: Foster, Volunteering

In the month of August, the Bottle Baby Program took in 73 kittens, bringing our Year to Date total to 605. We are rescuing kittens now that are as young as 12 days old up to 5 weeks old. Our survival rate remains high and has increased to 92%.

And 283 of our kittens have been adopted! (Just like little Leo, pictured here.)

We have saved healthy kittens, a kitten named Willie with Cerebellar Hypoplasia and a kitten named Theodore with Hydrocephalus. We have also saved kittens with nerve damage from being hit by cars, and other leg injuries. We are lucky to be part of an organization that simply sees kittens with  no other chance, and it’s incredible how absolutely resilient these babies can be…they don’t seem to have any idea that something is wrong! They eat, play, and respond so affectionately to the hands that care for them.

We have definitely felt this second wave of kitten season, and as I write this post, we have 25 kittens in our small Bottle Baby Trailer, which puts us not only at capacity space-wise, but also volunteer-wise. With school starting up again, a lot of our parents and college students no longer have time to feed, and our kittens can go long stretches without care. Our foster homes are also at capacity, so finding more semi-permanent homes for the kittens while they grow is continuing to be a challenge.

We will be moving into our new Bottle Baby Nursery at 2807 Manchaca TONIGHT. This will give us more room for volunteers and more room for kittens! If you have ever wanted to see how our operation works, you are welcome to come peek in the nursery as early as Sunday, 9/12.

As always, we are in constant need of volunteers, fosters and donations. Congratulations to the entire Bottle Baby Team for achieving such amazing things and saving all these little lives.

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