Frances and Pumpkin

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Austin Pets Alive! has taken in two diabetic cats this past week from Town Lake Animal Center. One is in pretty critical condition and being hospitalized at the vet clinic here at APA while the other is in foster. They obviously have had this illness for awhile and it went untreated, so they are even partially paralyzed because of it (its called “Plantigrade Stance”, meaning their back legs are not working correctly because the untreated high levels of glucose in their blood stream caused nerve damage. It isn’t permanent but their diabetes has to be stabilized for awhile for it to go away completely). They came to Austin Pets Alive! this way and our vet team is doing everything they can to stabilize these precious cats.

The critical cat, Frances, is on IV fluids, IV antivomiting drugs, antibiotics for pneumonia she got secondary to the diabetes, and getting regular blood testing. The less critical cat is on SQ fluids at home, antibiotics, insulin, blood testing, etc. His name is Pumpkin and he has the stylish haircut because he was covered in matts when he got to the shelter.

Please donate towards our two diabetic kitties so they can stabilize and get back to being healthy, happy cats! Thank you!

One Response to "Frances and Pumpkin"

  1. Jodysays: September 30, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    How are Frances and Pumpkin doing? Pumpkin looks like he might be chilly. An update would be great.