Freckle Faced, Expert Snuggler Seeking Forever Home.

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A Guest Post By Acacia Tatro

image1 (2)Oscar is a beautiful, freckle faced, gray and white dog. His previous owner left him unattended in a yard all day. When he found himself at AAC he was no longer wanted but luckily, Oscar found a foster home. He is a quick learner with great manners and basic obedience thanks to the help of the behavior team at APA!. Oscar thrived on attention, snuggling and play time with his canine foster sibling. Oscar love walks, peanut butter filled kongs, and most of all, his people. Due to foster relocation, Oscar was moved to Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC). While here at TLAC, Oscar has made friends with staff members and volunteers and continued to socialize and develop his skills.

image6In the shelter, Oscar has attended playgroup and spent many hours in the yard with his friends playing fetch, cuddling and splashing in kiddie pools. The shelter environment has been very harsh on Oscar’s sensitive paws which has even made walking difficult for him. Oscar has been on short breaks away from the kennel thanks to the APA! big brother/big sister program for volunteers. During his outings and sleepovers he was a wonderful houseguest and was eager to show off his home skills including excellent crate manners, being house trained, and a being an expert napper!

Recently, a wonderful foster family opened their home to Oscar so he could have a long break away from the shelter to heal his paws. They have reported that he continues to have great manners and enjoys snoozing on the couch and swimming! While having a foster home is wonderful for Oscar, he is still searching for his forever home! His ultimate dreams for a forever home would include a yard for fetch and a kiddie pool of his own, but he will settle for a comfy place to sleep. Oscar would benefit from a low-traffic home without small children. He would thrive with a daily routine that includes walks, naps, and snuggling. If you’ve got the perfect home for Oscar, he could be the freckle faced, expert snuggler you’ve been looking for.

image4 (1)Oscar is very affectionate, silly, smart and eager to please. He also happens to be extremely adorable. He cannot wait to be permanently out of the shelter and living it up with a family who loves him as much as his friends do at Austin Pets Alive!.

Learn more about Oscar, but only if you think you can handle his adorableness!