Much Ado About Claudio!

by lindsaymccay • Posted in: Donations, Pets Needing Homes

Claudio Our baby boy Claudio needs a new Hero!  Claudio came to us from Town Lake, having been attacked by a dog.  He had several abdominal hernias and infection from the attack and was slated to die due to the injuries.  APA! rescued him and performed the necessary surgery to fix his damaged abdomen.

He is now bounding all over the place at Dr. Jefferson’s home, and loves to be held by anyone willing to provide a warm lap.

Claudio also loves other cats-he is constantly trying to play with two very large, very tolerant toms.

Claudio has also spent too much time watching Dr. Jefferson’s parrot; he loves to climb up an agreeable person’s body to perch precariously on an open shoulder!  If you, dear blog reader, are thinking you need a cat/another cat to make your life more lively and interesting, Claudio is sure to fulfill this niche in your life.

Claudio’s surgery, fluids, and antibiotics cost around $200.  All donations will go to paying off his medical bills.  With your help and interest in stories like that of Claudio, the curious cat who thinks he’s a parrot, APA! Can continue saving damaged animals and providing people adorable, quirky pets.

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