Our Happy Tail Kennels Get A Facelift Thanks To Rackspace

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IMG_3161 (1)We’d like to send a big ‘Thank You’ to the hardworking team at Rackspace that sponsored our Happy Tail Kennels project. They volunteered over two days this week to make this rejuvenation project happen. By sponsoring the project, Rackspace funded all the supplies needed to make our Happy Tail Yards more like home for our dogs and we were able to bring a much needed facelift to our courtyard space.

Nicknamed the Happy Tail Kennels by staff, these smaller yards provide larger kennel spaces for our dogs that are in need of a little more room to roam. Getting a break from the concrete kennel floor helps some dogs recuperate more quickly from injuries and during the hot summer months provides our extra large dogs more prone to overheating easy access to a quick dip in the pool.

As you can see from the before images, these spaces were overdue for a makeover. With uneven dirt floors that were prone to mud during rain and ineffective fabric barriers, the Happy Tail Kennels often went unused.

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With the new transformation and serious upgrades thanks to our hardworking volunteers, we hope to provide our Happy Tail Kennel residents more privacy to find respite from their daily shelter life.

FullSizeRender (5)We are so very grateful for the team at Rackspace for coming together to not only fund the project but to invest their time and energy in helping us improve the shelter environment for our dogs. Paws down you are the best and Louise and all our dogs say, “Thank You Rackspace!”