Padfoot’s New Lease on Life

by Lindsey Picard • Posted in: General

Padfoot, formerly known as Sodapop, arrived at Austin Pets Alive! this past May unfortunately suffering from a variety of health issues. This sweet senior dachshund mix, now about 11 and a half years old, had not seen a vet in over four years and needed immediate care for his ears, eyes, teeth and skin problems. Thanks to one of our amazing veterinary partners, Crestview Veterinary Clinic, we were able to get Padfoot back to a healthy, happy state and into his forever home by August!

Crestview Veterinary Clinic surgically repaired Padfoot’s bilateral cherry eyes, which are a result of a disorder in the third eyelid of dogs or cats where an oval mass protrudes from the third eyelid resembling a cherry. After the successful surgery, their team jumped into treating his chronic skin issues too. He not only had severe atopy, but also secondary bacterial and yeast infections. After starting treatment to address these skin issues, Padfoot is now showing vast improvement and has a new look and lease on life! In his spare time, he likes to jet set and go on vacations with his new Mom, who has been instrumental in his new care regimen and ultimate recovery.

At Austin Pets Alive! we believe that every animal deserves a chance at life, and we are so grateful for partners like Crestview Veterinary Clinic that helps us make that a reality for the over 10,000 lives we save each year! Since 2008 Austin Pets Alive! has saved over 60,000 lives like Padfoot’s and we look forward to saving 60,000 more alongside our veterinary partners, volunteers, fosters, donors – and the whole APA! Community.

From Padfoot and all of us here at APA!, thank you Crestview Veterinary Clinic!