Stop the Cat Scratching Blues

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Adoptions, Behavior, Education

Cat scratching is no surprise. It’s one of the ways cats communicate, it’s how they deal with excess energy and it’s how they maintain their nails. But if you’re a new kitty mom or dad looking for a cure to the cat scratching blues, try these tips:

Cat Scratch TipsProvide alternatives

Having a special scratching place to call her own may deter your kitty from scratching elsewhere in the home. Place the alternative posts and boards in the way of the areas you want her to stop scratching. Make sure the special scratching post is appropriate (sturdy, in a public area, fun to scratch, etc.).

Trim his nails

Maintaining a regular grooming routine is an effective way to keep your kitty from wanting to scratch and it will reduce the damage of any scratching that does occur.

Deter scratching

Cats do not respond to yelling, so don’t bother. Instead, try placing double sided tape on the surfaces your cat likes to scratch. The sticky surface won’t feel good to the touch, so the scratching should subside some.

Reinforce good behavior

Reward your kitty for scratching appropriately. When you see him scratch his post, try offering treats or affection so they get the message.


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