Volunteer of the month: Rene B.

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Huge thanks go out to Rene B., our volunteer of the month. Rene is instrumental in our dog behavior program and responsible for getting our playgroup yards set up.Without her, we could not save as many of the large, energetic dogs.

Read more to learn what her teammates have to say about her!

Rene is at APA every day of the week. She is helping 8-10 hours a day, at a minimum, with our behavior program. Rene runs dogs to and from play group, helps collar all of the dogs, takes notes in playgroup sessions, updates the kennel list and white boards with notes on the dogs, etc. Rene is AMAZING!!! Her new current project is to a create an amazing new play group yard and she has excelled at that as well! Rene also does not hesitate to take a dog home when it is in need. We have had shut down dogs and injured dogs that she has loaded up and taken home for as long as they needed. She is such an asset. The APA! dogs, and team, are sooooo lucky to have her! — Faith Wright

Rene is AMAZING she has fostered more dogs than I can keep up with. Also, they are always dogs who need some extra love: like a nervous senior, or an injured dog who needs extra attention. Rene also volunteers with our behavior program and has been instrumental in helping set up a lot of the structures we now use for our play groups. There are a lot more happy healthy dogs because of Rene. — Lindsay Henderson

She almost single-handedly set up the barn yard to make it usable for the live webcam playgroup sessions we are doing. Beyond that, Rene donates her time every single day to APA, in the form of hands-on work with our behavior dogs and running dogs to playgroup, helping to keep Aaron and I organized by providing supplies and entering notes, and consistently providing a foster home to behavior dogs in need of a break from the shelter. It would be a crime not to give her this recognition! :) — Mike Kaviani

She has spent most of her time helping in every way imaginable with the dogs, from running dogs to playgroup almost daily, to organizing spreadsheets and kennel lists for the program. While doing all of this she has fostered a large pittie named Capone and at the same time put another dog named Kate through home bite-quarantine. Rene is amazing and she should be acknowledged for that!!! — Aaron Caldwell

Rene worked all summer helping Mike get the dogs to play groups and working in the behavior department…she’s awesome. — Cathy Bridge

She is always willing to step up, and push the limit with every project she puts her mind to! — Lexy

She designed and built the new play yard in a matter of days so we would make our deadline for the livestream playgroups! — Shayna Hill

She put up fencing and a catch pen for the new play yard so we could use the yard for our new livestream. She also designed the play yard herself. She had very little help, but just took it on. — Ellen Jefferson