What It Means to Have a Non-Dog-Park Dog

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What It Means to Have a Non-Dog-Park Dog

A Guest Post by Sarah Gray

Dog. Everlasting companion. Co-pilot. Wingman/woman. From the first moment the thought of having a dog crept into your head, you’ve daydreamed about all the adventures you and your doggo will partake in and all the places you’ll go together.

But what if you fall for a dog that isn’t always jazzed about other dogs? Or maybe the puppo you got your sights on likes dogs, but you’re advised to be wary of dog parks. “Say what?” Here you were, walking around Dogtown, USA—otherwise known as Austin, Texas—seeing all these folks out and about with their doggos, enjoying Austin’s parks, trails, and other assorted outdoor activities, just waiting for the day you could join that exclusive club. And now you’ve been advised against dog parks? What does it MEAN? Hold up, maybe parks don’t love you like your dog do.

There could be a number of reasons why your dog is a non-dog-park (NDP) dog, but have you ever really thought about what it means? Let’s explore!

Whether you’re naturally shy or constantly single, your NDP dog ain’t here to judge ya. But what they are here to do is keep you away from those awkward social encounters at the dog park. You know, like when another single pup parent is like, “OMG, you have a dog? I have a dog! We should schedule a play date!” Yeah, sure, maybe, like never in a million years. Or that dog owner who won’t shut up about how awesome their dog is, and then proceeds to call the dog’s name to demonstrate how it knows “come” as the dog looks at them and runs the other way.

banjooJust because you have a NDP dog doesn’t mean other establishments are off limits. Dozens of our adoptable dogs that would make great trail and running companions have also mastered the art of ignoring other doggos, instead focusing on you as their one and only. And thanks to Austin’s almost year-round sunshine and abundance of patio seating, it’s fairly easy to find quiet, safe spots to enjoy coffee, adult beverages, and food trucks. You and your doge can both enter chill mode and the rest of us can look on in jealousy at your absolute coolness.

Have you ever noticed that dog parks are for dogs? What is that? I mean, come on. Just kidding. Of course dog parks are for dogs! It lets them burn off energy in a space designed for interaction with their doggy peers (should they wish). All this to say, bringing your dog to a dog park means exercise for your dog, but not necessarily you. But if you have a NDP dog? Walks, runs, hikes, skips, jogs, dances…it’s all for you, baby. Both you and your doggo get exercise! OH YEAH.

perla blogLet’s get real for a moment. Having a NDP dog can be a great bonding opportunity. This isn’t to say that having a dog-social dog means you’ll never be close to your dog—because, I mean, it’s you and your puppo, how can you not be close to some degree, am I right?—but hear me out. If you have a NDP dog, this means your outings as a family are centered on just that: your family. Your time is just between you and your dog, instead of you, your dog, and a dozen stranger dogs and their people. And that’s worth so much that it’s basically priceless.

Now that we got all the feelings over with, this is a good time to remind you that having a NDP dog means you get to avoid those awkward humping situations dogs always seem to get themselves into. Forget about all those times where you could be at a dog park and your puppo is just going to town on that Australian shepherd babe with the merle coat. Do away with those times when your innocent puppo could be having a ball with, well, a ball, and some determined beagle comes romping out of nowhere to mount your dog. With a NDP dog, you don’t have to worry about this embarrassment!

Probably one of the most important things to consider about having a NDP dog: Your dog won’t accidentally try to go home with someone else just because they have better treats (and is therefore every dog’s favorite person at the park). But, um, yo…why you not bringing the good treats for your doge?

And that’s just the start of a long list of positives for having a non-dog-park dog! I know the thought of having a dog you can take anywhere and everywhere without worry sounds grand. Trust me, I get it. But having a non-dog-park dog can be equally as wonderful. Every dog, no matter its personality, has so much love to offer you. So come by today to find the right fit for you. Because at the very leash, you could be finding your best friend—whether they dog park or not.

(OK, so that was a really lame pun but, I mean, still pretty good, right? Just come by and remember to check out all our dogs in foster, too!)dodger