A Home for Libby

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Behavior, Pets Needing Homes

Say the name Libby to anyone at APA! and you will certainly get a reaction. You may get an, “Awwww, Libbers.”  You might hear, “Haha.  Oh Libbenstein.”  If Libby is around in person (or in dog?) you will likely see her moosing her way over to greet one of her favorite people.  You’ll also see a person just as happy to greet her in return.  Libby is universally loved here at APA! and is a favorite among volunteers and staff alike.

She is also one of our longest stay dogs and unfortunately has had three unsuccessful adoptions. For anyone who knows Libbens, this is just so unfair you want to stomp your feet and yell and shout from the rooftops that this is a gosh darn amazing dog who deserves a forever home.

Libby was previously featured as one of our Golden Girls of APA! where she was described as having a kind of gruff grace.  That statement could not be more true.  Libby came to APA! completely emaciated and terrified.  Her body still bears the marks of a lifetime of malnutrition and who knows what else.  But her heart has completely opened.  Not only that, she’s blossomed into a sassy, hilarious, handsome dame of a dog you can’t possibly be around without smiling.

Given how much time she’s spent with us, we think Libby may actually just think the shelter is home and that we’re her family.  We all agree it’s probably the best life she’s ever had, given the condition she came to us in.  And, I think we are “family” for each of the dogs that come through our program.  But it’s not a real home.  And some part of Libby knows that.  And the sadness of that comes through in her face in the moments she’s lonely or frustrated or watching yet another person pass by her kennel without stopping.

She still lifts her head every time.

Instead of the frightened girl who desperately hoped you’d keep walking and leave her to hide in the corner, Libby now wants each person to be there for her.  She’s waiting for the one that truly is.  The one that will take her home to stay and show the part of her that’s always hoped for more, what it means to be part of a family.

We love our Libby Libbens to bits and we know that her home is out there.  Please come meet this dog with the indomitable spirit, goofy enthusiasm, and completely unique Libby style charm and see if she doesn’t steal your heart.

Email email hidden; JavaScript is required for more info and check out Giving Dogs a Fresh Start to follow Libby and the rest of the Louie’s Fresh Start dogs on Facebook! Plus, if Libby is adopted before October 31, she’ll count towards our goal of 2,000 adoptions for the ASPCA Challenge.

*Photos 1 & 2 by Scarlett-Blue Photo, Photos 3 & 4 by Summer Huggins, Photo 5 by Miki Tesh

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