A Night in the Doghouse!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Behavior, Fundraising

It’s our biggest Louie’s Fund fundraiser to date, and we need your help!

Seven lovely ladies have volunteered to spend the night in each of the seven Louie’s Fresh Start Condos along with their seven doggie inhabitants. While the ladies are a little nervous about the dog pee on the floor thing, they are all super excited and can’t think of a better reason for a slumber party at Austin Pets Alive!

The lock-in is Saturday, October 22 and we have until then to meet our fundraising goal of $3,500, which breaks down to $500 for each of the following doggie/lady duos:

So, we need your help!  Please donate big and ask your friends, coworkers and families to do the same!  You can donate on the main page or support an individual lady/dog duo, either way you are helping the many amazing dogs that benefit from Louie’s Fresh Start Program.

Click below, donate, & share.  Thank you!

Louie’s Fresh Start Fund

One Response to "A Night in the Doghouse!"

  1. Sandysays: October 18, 2011 at 10:51 am

    how do I volunteer to be one of the people locked up next time? Sounds like a great event!