Animal Services planning meeting THIS TUESDAY!

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We need you. Austin is in the midst of change. APA! has been advocating for and doing the work of saving lives at the shelter that were destined to be killed. We have saved almost 2,000 animals over the last 12 months that would not have been alive without us all.

We have made various proposals to the City to increase our involvement at TLAC and have even asked to receive funding/space for the work we do. We want to help the city increase the number of pets who leave the shelter alive.

This Tuesday, the City is hosting a meeting for all the animal welfare agencies to discuss the APA! proposals (and other long-term community plans) in an effort to get a pulse on what the community thinks the City should prioritize in animal welfare. This is the first time that the City has called for a meeting like this.
We need as many people as possible to be there to advocate for increasing APA!’s role at the shelter in a big way so that the save rate of animals at TLAC will go up dramatically.

The meeting will be on Tuesday, October 27th at 6 PM at the Rosewood Zaragosa Neighborhood Center (2800 Webberville Road). This is our chance to let the City know that citizens not only care very much about increasing Live Outcomes, but citizens want those increases to occur immediately and on a large scale.  Sorry about the lack of notice.  It is all we got.

Why is it so important that you be there? The City needs to hear our voices. They need to hear from the community that we want to stop the killing of healthy and treatable pets today. You can make this meeting count towards saving lives from dying at TLAC by being there to vote!

Spay/neuter and education/outreach will be at the top of the City’s priority list as they have been for a long time. We all know how important those activities are but without an emphasis on saving animals at our shelter, we will never get to No Kill (more on this in tomorrow’s blog posting). Increasing Live Outcomes has not been a priority in the past. This topic has to come out into the open and be addressed. And for once, it needs to be the City’s #1 priority.

We need you to be there to support the good work we all have done and continue to do. We all see it working every day. We just need a lot more of it. Saving all the lives of healthy and adoptable animals is possible!

Our work is responsible for 96% of the increase in Live Outcomes since last year! That is just because of our passion and commitment. Think what we could do with support from Council, the City, and other animal welfare agencies.

This is the most important meeting in our organization’s history. It has the power to determine our future (and therefor the future of a lot of overlooked animals).

Please, please come if you can.

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