Building Update: The Great Outdoors!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Donations


If you turn off of South Lamar, turn into our parking lot and just stand on the edge of the yard and take it all in, for about a second all you see is grass and trees. Any longer and you notice that there are in fact other buildings around, but for one moment we get that Texas sense of pride in our (rented) land.

We were fortunate enough to find a space with a good sized yard for our dogs to run around on. Luckily the yard doesn’t need nearly as much work as the buildings. A few things needed to be done here and there outside. We have a recently groomed awesome tree to relax under in the shade! Thank You to Alex and Frank who have worked and sweat out there to get it looking nice.

I feel the lawn will turn out to be an extremely influential addition for APA!. We finally have a central location to hold events and to let the pets and people socialize together. We even plan on turning part of it into a community dog park!

Now we just need picnic tables so we can host parties and have people fun AND dog fun in our yard. We will also need a rider mower to make it easy for our volunteers to maintain our lovely lawn too. We’re also searching for fencing to allow our dogs to have more room to romp.

If you’re interested in donating picnic tables or a rider mower or contributing toward the purchase of these items, e-mail email hidden; JavaScript is required

It’s the simple things like picnic tables and benches that will make our new building really feel like home.

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