How Cute is Twix!

by Medical Team • Posted in: General

twix2Isn’t this dog adorable! He is a very sweet 6yr old Pomeranian/King Charles mix that was originallyOnline fundraising for How Cute is Twix! adopted in June of 2012 but just recently returned because sadly his owner just didn’t want him anymore. This is a bad situation for poor Twix but we are glad he is safe and we will do everything we can to find him a permanent home!

Twix has lots of furloss going down his back and around his rump. The vets would like to test him for Cushings Disease and rule it out before we start any other treatments. He was previously on a steriod but we are unsure why.

Any donations for Twix will help us get him closer to a new home and out of the shelter for the 2nd and hoopefully last time!Twix3