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Livvy when she was at Town Lake Animal Center

Recognize this dog? This is Livvy, who is the dog on our website. Livvy has had a life filled with lucky…and not so lucky…times. She is one of the first dogs that entered APA’s program back in May, when she wasn’t doing well at the city shelter. She’s a very active and smart dog, and like most active and smart dogs, her behavior deteriorated in the shelter environment. Livvy was very lucky when APA! pulled her from the shelter and she got to live in a foster home with a dog trainer. Livvy was adopted a couple of times, but ended up being returned. Her lifestyle up to this point made her a frustrated dog and she needed a home who could provide her with a lot of activity and mental stimulation, plus she needed behavior training and a somewhat experienced owner. Each time she was returned, she got to go back and live with the trainer, who was crazy about her.

Then, her foster family lost their rental home due to foreclosure. They had a lot of dogs and couldn’t take all of them with them to their new home. There was nowhere for Livvy to go. We didn’t have an appropriate foster home for Livvy at the time.

So…Livvy was sent to Taurus Training, a boarding facility where dogs get to play with each other. Wonderful Robin Cupell, a Taurus employee, found a great home for Livvy and offered to help the new owners with training. Livvy has been in her new home for 2 weeks now and is doing very well, especially with her daily runs. Her new family loves her.

Thank you to Robin, Taurus Training, Livvy’s original foster family, and everyone else who didn’t give up on Livvy. When our web designer chose her picture when designing our site back in June, we knew that Livvy wouldn’t be an easy placement, but we had no idea how much she would go through to get to this point. Today, we can’t think of a better dog to be featured on our website.

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