In Memory of Beto

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Outreach

Beto on couch_0831A note from Texas State Representative and former APA! board member, Eddie Rodriguez:

“I found Beto running hungry and filthy on the streets of East Austin.  I recognized him as the barking, chained puppy in an unfriendly neighbor’s yard.  The neighbor moved out and abandoned his poor dog.  Scared and hungry, Beto ran away at first when I offered him food.  But as he grew more skinny over the next few days, he returned.  Slowly, he trusted me enough to make my home his home and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Beto in car_0058If ever a dog were man’s best friend, Beto was mine.  Whatever difficulties of the day that I carried home from work were pushed aside at the sound of his tail thump-thump-thumping the floor as I unlocked the door.  Anyone with a companion animal understands that warm reception.

Beto on balcony_0082


I’m a longtime donor, volunteer, and former board president for Austin Pets Alive because they do important work to save the lives of companion animals like Beto.  Many more great dogs who were abandoned, lost, and unwanted need a chance to find good homes.  So this week, I made a donation once again to Austin Pets Alive, this time in Beto’s name.  And this week, I’m asking my friends to do the same.


Click here to donate online to Austin Pets Alive.  Thank you for helping out pets like my Beto.”