My Name is Mysterio

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Hello, My Name is Mysterio

Hi, fellow adopters! My name is Mysterio. I’m a 12-year- old gentleman with a heart of a puppy.

fdsI’m very food motivated and love to spend time outside or going on car rides! I love to do a little dance before meal time, and giving my person lots of love and kisses is one of my favorite things to do. I’m your guy if you’re looking for someone loyal, loving, understanding, and patient, and I’M POTTY TRAINED. For the past five months, I’ve been learning how to make friends with other dogs—big dogs are my favorite and if they’re female, they usually can’t resist my good looks and charming personality.

mmolI’m always down for adventures and meeting new people! People are my favorite. And if you have lots of friends, don’t worry, they’ll love me just as much as you will. I would absolutely love if I could find my fur-ever home before I go back to the shelter. I promise to love you for as long as I live!


An open letter from Abriana, Mysterio’s current foster:

Hey friends, I’m Mysterio’s current foster and I would just like to tell you a little bit about my best friend.

Mysterio is a big lug of love. He’s always happy to see me whenever I get off work and is always down to have a butt rub. But don’t worry if you’re too busy, he’s totally fine just laying his head on your feet and

He’s the best when I’m stressed. No matter what, Mysterio always knows what mood I am in and will change his accordingly. If I’m sad, he will cuddle his head on my lap and lick my leg to let me know he’s there. If I’m happy, he’ll be jumping around playing with me to let me know he’s happy, too.

Mysterio is the most loyal companion I have ever had. If I could describe him in three words, it would be food, love, and loyalty. My favorite memory of Mysterio was when he was so excited to go on a car ride that he jumped right into the driver’s seat and got stuck between the steering wheel and the passenger seat. I had a good laugh as I scooted the seat back to let him get fully in the car.

1I have so many favorite things about Mysterio. He doesn’t get on my bed unless I ask him to. He’s potty trained SOOO well. He’s loyal. He always checks on me before he goes to bed. I love that Mysterio doesn’t wake me up in the morning; if I’m in bed sleeping, he will wait patiently until I wake up to ask me to go out. He’s such a gentleman, and even will run to me and then run to the door to let me know he wants to go out.

Mysterio is like Scooby Doo. Curious, hungry, but would NEVER leave Shaggy behind. He is the perfect fit for anyone.

Lots of love,