October Super Senior Cat Adoption Special

by Cat Marketing • Posted in: Adoptions, Pets Needing Homes, Special Needs Pets

Senior FlyerOctober is the perfect time to provide a loving home to one of our Super Senior Cats.  For the entire month of October, all cats over 10 years old have a reduced adoption fee of only $10.  There are several benefits to adopting a cat that’s at least 10 years old: their personalities are already fully developed so you will know which cat is right for you; many already know household etiquette; their maturity makes them content to just relax in your company and makes them perfect lap cats; and the most important is their loyalty and appreciation.

A majority of these cats were accustomed to being part of a family before being surrendered to the shelter at no fault of their own.  That being said, when you choose to adopt a Super Senior, they can sense how much love comes from that act; they know they’ve been rescued! Our Senior Cats will show the depths of their gratitude by being on of the best friends you’ll ever have.  Don’t let age deter you from these wonderful cats.  They still have lots of love to give and need someone to love them back.

Find out more about our Super Senior Kitties by looking through the Available Cats on the website or coming down to the shelter to meet a few of them.  If you have any questions or want help finding who would be the perfect fit for you, email email hidden; JavaScript is required.