Retired Momma-Cat Ready for Calm, Quiet Forever-Home

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After raising kittens of her own, Kelly wants a quiet home where she can relax, observe the world from a nice perch and express affection in her own way. She’s not asking to be cuddled, cajoled or pampered, but after having needy kittens crawl all over her, she needs some peace and respectful companionship for goodness sake!

Kelly’s days of kitten-rearing are done, thanks to her spay surgery. One of her foster-parents affectionately calls her “Kelly, Kelly, Jelly-Belly” due to her post-kitten tummy waddle. Kelly insists that she’s working on shedding the baby weight, but it takes a while! At twelve pounds, she’s a healthy five-and-a-half year old cat.

Kelly relaxing in her comfy bed at her foster home

Like many people and pets, Kelly takes her time adjusting to new surroundings and getting to know new companions. While she is mostly a low-maintenance kind of lady, Kelly doesn’t currently prefer the company of dogs, young children or young cats attempting to play.

She’d probably be happiest as an only-pet, but may agree to living with one or two other calm kitties that respect each others’ space. Fortunately, in her current foster home, Kelly has a little room to which she can retreat when feels overwhelmed – purrfect for “Calgon, take me away!” or “Serenity now!” moments.

Kelly adores gentle pets on her head — and she cues that she’s had enough by pressing her ears back. When she feels extra-affectionate, Kelly purrs and trills, sometimes “making biscuits” or kneading with her paws.

She knows when it is meal time, and waits patiently in the kitchen for cans to be opened and food to be served. Kelly plays with kitty toys on occasion, but mostly likes to meditate and observe. It would be most appreciated if Sandy Claws (the feline answer to Santa Claus) would provide Kelly with a nice perch of her own, ideally one that faces a window, before Christmas!

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Thanks to APA volunteers:  writer Jennifer Curie; foster & photographer Lauri Humphry.

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