Sassy’s Second Surgery

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Sassy had her second surgery yesterday and did great! She’s in pain but her tail was wagging as soon as she saw her foster family at ATA. Many of you have been wondering about her and we appreciate that she’s still on people’s minds.

Though her surgery went perfectly, Sassy won’t be able to use her mended leg for a while. She will be crate-confined and only allowed out for potty breaks for 4-6 weeks. That’s no fun for a dog with as much energy as Sassy has. She takes the crate confinement well, but finds undesirable ways to release energy (destruction, barking). But she still gets lots o’ belly rubs and lovin’ plus yummy rawhides and treat filled kong balls, so life isn’t all bad. The whole family is definitely looking forward to her full recovery though!

Here’s a report from the fabulous foster:
She’s not putting any weight on that leg yet, and she had a rough night with pain but got pain med as needed. She enjoys snooping around the yard for a few mins and then goes back to her crate. She whimpers when she’s in pain but is a great patient. Her appetite is great. She hobbles around on 3 legs with no probs. She has some serious-looking metal staples in her leg – the incision is a few inches long.

Her best buddy, Maggie the rottweiler, was curious about her incision. Sassy just lay there while Maggie sniffed and licked Sassy’s ears. If it were up to Sassy, she might be running 3-legged around the backyard … But, doctor gave strict instructions to restrict her activity so only leashed potty outtings for Sassy.

So, if a surgery gone right isn’t good news enough. Sassy will be ready to find a forever home soon. Do you think Sassy might be the one for you? E-mail email hidden; JavaScript is required

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