Small Business Entrepreneur Intent on Keeping Donations Local

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An Interview with Kimberly Keighley, Founder of Austin Private Jeweler

Kimberly Keighley of Austin Private Jeweler recently approached APA! to see how she and her business could support our pets. Through their sponsorship we are able to help hundreds of pets in our programs. To get to know her and to find out more about what drew her to APA! we asked her a few questions about her business and her connection with pets in the Austin area.

1. Why have you chosen APA! as one of your Austin area beneficiaries?
I’ve always had a huge place in my heart for animals. Since I was a child, I’ve had numerous pets including dogs, horses, birds, and everything in between. One of my passions has always been to find a way to have an impact on animals’ lives – especially preventing shelter euthanizing. As a local Austin business, I wanted to team up with a organization that shared my passion and views and could ensure that all donations would help the animals here in Austin.

2 1_2 years old

2. Why do you think it’s important for other businesses to give back to the community?
I believe it is extremely important for businesses to give back to their local community so our great city of Austin thrives. I think this is why Austin is such an amazing place to call home because of our great community and all the wonderful businesses and people that give back to non-profit organizations such as Austin Pets Alive! The best feeling in the world is to know that you made a difference in someone’s life whether it be a furry four-legged friend or a individual that finds their forever soul mate. Find your passion and how you can make the most impact with volunteering/fostering, donations or simply giving your time.


3. What are the names and ages of your pets?
My current pets had been with us for over 14 years and unfortunately they recently passed away due to old age. We are waiting until my youngest is a little older so they can pick out their next pet at Austin Pets Alive! Animals will always be a huge part of my children’s lives as well.
Rocky- Chihuahua /15 years old- passed away of old age
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (JJ)- Pomeranian/15 years old- passed away of old age

Big Brothers

4. Do they do anything cute/funny/etc. that keep you entertained?
My pets always keep me laughing and of course make my heart happy. Some of the funniest memories of my late Chihuahua, “Rocky” was his funny snorting when he got excited. Rocky’s partner in crime, Jumpin’ Jack Flash would spin around endlessly in crazy circles. He also loved to jump around instead of walking so hence his name, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” was born.

5. What is something most people don’t know about the jewelry you create and/or higher end jewelry in general?
Jewelry design is such meticulous art, but many people do not know how skilled one must be to make that special piece extraordinary. I only trust the finest of Master Bench Jewelers to make my designs come to life. As a jeweler you are setting stones that might be 1mm in size so precision is key. These fine artisans also have an extreme finesse to handle such fragile and delicate stones without damage to the design or gems.

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Austin Private Jeweler is a proud sponsor of Austin Pets Alive!.