Temporary Stay of Destruction for Neville

by Marketing • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Press Releases

Thank you again for your support of Neville and Austin Pets Alive!.

Although Neville is still very much at risk, we have received news tonight that the municipal court judge has agreed to reconsider his decision and has temporarily stayed Neville’s destruction order until October 22nd.

We are very thankful for the judge’s willingness to consider our arguments and our lawyers will continue to fight for Neville’s life. We greatly appreciate your support, and we will keep you posted on further developments as they come.

Help us keep fighting for Neville.

As we continue working on saving Neville’s life, we request that our supporters do three things:
1. Please keep all comments positive or neutral towards the child’s family;
2. Sign up here for updates:;
3. Donate to our legal defense fund. (

We have no idea how long this case will last and we need to ensure we can afford to keep fighting. If we raise more than is needed, we will apply remaining funds to dogs like Neville that need a bit more help than usual or to other legislative issues that prevent animal’s lives from being spared in shelters.

Thank you so much for your support.