Third quarter 2012 update

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Awareness/ PR

We have entered the last quarter of 2012 and successfully made it through kitten season while maintaining no-kill status! At Austin’s open-intake municipal shelter, the Austin Animal Center, the save rates throughout the summer months are as follows:
May: 90% save rate
June: 92% save rate
July: 93% save rate
August: 90% save rate

Here at APA, we have saved more animals this year than ever before. Everyone is working their hearts out to save and care for our dogs and cats. Our goal was to save 5,000 animals in 2012. As of last week, we have saved 5,595 animals this year! 2,100 more than this time last year. And we still have the final quarter of 2012 to go!

Rescuing the animals is only half the battle. We ultimately want them in a loving, safe forever home as soon as possible. As of last week, we have found forever homes for 4,700 animals this year! 1,700 more than last year. I hope you read this with pride. Our community is capable of so much! Our staff and volunteers are tough and one of a kind. Every single program and team deserves a huge round of applause. Thank you!