Update on Mr. Z, now named “Kidd”

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Adoptions, Rescue

Mr. Z‘s foster sent this email today:

Well, Mr. Z is doing very well. He still has two areas – one small, on his side and a larger, deeper area under his hind leg. At this point it’s been decided that he’ll not undergo surgery – he’s already been through so much with the therapies and one surgery on his eye. In just the last few weeks, he’s begun to jump in the middle of the other dogs playing at Red Bud. He also loves to get into the water all the way up to his head. I suspect that he used to swim before he was burned. He still needs help to climb up into the car because of the constriction of the scar tissue, but can hop off of furniture all by himself now!

My sister and I (and my five year old twin nieces, who fell totally in love with him) are going to keep him, sharing custody. Their dogs and mine all get along with Mr. Z – he’s become a part of the family. His new name is “The Comeback Kidd”, Kidd for short. Kidd’s recovery from such adversity, while maintaining such a loving and friendly spirit to all he meets, serves as an inspiration to us all. And while he’s a very quiet dog, he’s also a great watch dog, very alert to people coming up the walk or heading towards the back gate. Kidd exemplifies pure love.

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  1. Haley Brownsays: February 28, 2009 at 9:51 am

    Thank you all so much for taking care of Zorro. I am actually the daughter of the real owners before we had to take him to the dog sitter. Unfortuanately we had to move making it hard for us to keep all three of our dogs and had to have dog sitters. We our in our new house now but its still hard for us to get all three of them back:(. But please take good care of zorro we love him and miss him alot! Especially me I trained him and everything, but it seems like he has a good home now so thank you and please keep me updated. Give Zorro lots of hugs and kisses for me please!