13 is a Lucky Number

by dixie • Posted in: Adoptions

Our adoption event last Saturday (Halloween) was a huge success. Thirteen wonderful cats and kittens found new loving homes, including a few who had been in our program for a while.

Big thanks to Lori and Cheri for organizing the event, all the volunteers who came to help, foster parents who brought their kitties, everyone who brought goodies for the bake sale and to everyone who came to give these amazing cats some lovin’.

Stay tuned for more big adoption events this holiday season!

Here are just a few of the feline favorites who found new loving homes on Halloween:

Dolly and Wyatt

Dolly and Wyatt are two adorable sibling kittens who really love each other. Luckily both went to a new home together. The family wanted a companion for their still-frisky 12-year-old cat who had lost his 18 year old companion recently. The APA person who first got their email wisely counseled them to consider taking two kittens so that their older cat could play, but wouldn’t have to be the ONLY entertainment for one ball of energy.


This sweet orange and white furball was very popular at the event. Everyone complimented him on his beautiful soft fur and gentle personality. Barely 30 minutes into the event, a couple fell in love within Leif and just like that he found his forever home.


Skittles has a big personality with a boisterous meow and an inquisitive face. At the event she was very talkative making sure she had everyone’s attention. I had seen this pretty gray torbie at several different events over the past few months. She was just waiting for the right person to come along and find her.

Here’s an except of an email from Skittles’ adopter:

“Skittles is doing great. She likes going out on the balcony and curling up. I leave the screen door open so she comes in and out of the balcony as she pleases. She has had no problems with her new cat food, and I must say she is quite excellent at using her covered litter box. Skittles has a good appetite as well. Also, its amazing how much she purrs. I may consider getting another cat in the future to keep her company as well.”

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