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Misty, a female lab mix, is now being fostered through Austin Pets Alive! after her owner removed herself from a dangerous domestic violence situation last week.  The owner, whose identity is confidential for obvious reasons, was worried for Misty’s life at the hands of her abusive and angry husband.  When she sought help for herself, she was able to seek out help for Misty as well, thanks to Austin Pets Alive! and the partnership the organization has with other human nonprofit entities.

Misty has found a temporary foster while her owner cares for herself and she is a delight.  She is a little fearful and anxious but is very gentle and sweet once she perceives there is no threat.

Austin Pets Alive! has many partnerships that focus on helping the pets that suffer when their owners’ experience a crisis.  Many of these animals are turned into shelters and ultimately euthanized because people are not able to care for them when these crises hit.  By providing short term fostering, APA! was literally able to save Misty’s life.  Due to her fearfulness, she would have been euthanized at Town Lake Animal Center rather than put up for adoption.

Please consider fostering for Austin Pets Alive! to save lives and in some cases, like Misty’s, help good owners keep their pets.

2 Responses to "APA! Partnerships"

  1. lisasays: December 6, 2008 at 12:54 am

    those updates of the recovering rescued dogs are cute but how can we know what their story was before?

  2. austinpetsalivesays: December 6, 2008 at 8:47 am

    Many times, we don’t know the story before – the animal just showed up at TLAC, brought in as a stray. When we do know the story, like with Phoenix, Mr. Z, and Chico, their back story is included, usually in the first posting about them. We try to have links in the story (usually on the name of the animal) back to the earlier story.