Black Friday Adoption Specials

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Adoptions

Black Friday: A day when the malls are madness and your pocketbook is empty by the time the leftovers are being reheated.  But, malls are not the only places to go for Black Friday specials.


This year try on something else, something black like our black coated cats and dogs! For some reason, black pets are adopted half as often as others.  So while everyone else is running around the mall trying to find that one coat that will be in next years donation bag, come give one of our black pets a place to call their forever home.

Our Black Friday adoption hours are:
APA! Adoption & Resource Center – 10AM to 6PM
All other sites – 12PM-7PM

Adopt a black cat or dog on Black Friday:

The Black Cats:
6 months and under – $125
6 months to a year – $100
over a year – $50

The Black Dogs:
6 months and under – $125
over 6 months – $100

Cedric and the kittens Amos, Addie, Allie, Annie and Andy (pictured in this post) are just a few of the beauties you can adopt on Friday!

Rules and Regulations:  The color of the animal must be over 50% black – This does not apply to tabbies/brindles etc. This special is for our black beauties only!

A video the Nevada Humane Society made to promote the adoption of black cats.

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