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Champ came to APA at 3 mos old with an injury to his back that left his back legs dragging behind him.  Two months later, with some love from the APA medical team and a loving foster, he built up his strength and is now able to walk using his back legs!  While Champ overcame his medical pain, he has not yet overcome his emotional pain.  This pup is scared of children.  Something happened in his past that left him with a bad memory of kids, perhaps an experience that led to his back injury.

Our behavior team has a plan to reintroduce him to children in a positive way that will change his bad memories. However, it will take lots of work, patience and some special resources.  Please consider sponsoring Champ’s road to emotional recovery.  And help him grow up to be the well-balanced, affectionate dog that he wants to be!

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  1. George Gowensays: November 24, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    My wife and I spent a fair amount of time with Champ yesterday, Nov. 23. I walked with him at the old headquarters site and cuddled him. He wasn’t feelling entirely well and wanted very much to be cuddled and reassured. At one point, he just lay down and virtually demanded a tummy rub, which I was happy to provide. This pup has had a very, very rough time but wants loving in the worst way. Some family, with or without children, will be the better if they take him in.