Chicken is NO Chicken

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Adoptions, Foster, Outreach, Rescue, Where are they now

When Chicken came to Austin Pets Alive!, everyone knew he had quite the journey ahead. He was cold and weak… and didn’t have the energy to lift his own head. He couldn’t close his mouth or eyes and he was critically undernourished, dehydrated, covered with sores and plagued with multiple infections. It looked like his life may be a short one.

But Chicken was no Chicken.

The medical team quickly and skillfully stabilized him. Three hours passed and he crashed again. Recovered. Crashed. Recovered. Crashed. Recovered. This went on for nearly three days. He was incredibly young and required regular feedings but was unwilling (or perhaps unable) to eat anything on his own, so every 3 hours, 24 hours a day, someone made little Chicken eat.Chicken beforeThe skin infection was severe. He was given injections two to three times per day as well as regular antibiotics, topical treatments, skin supplements, dewormers and pain medication. Finally, Chicken began to recover from his infections.

Then came an unfortunate bought of diarrhea. Chicken’s already dehydrated body was weakened as he quickly lost more and more fluids. He was placed on a pump for four days and received fluids through an IV. The medical team was hopeful.

Then… he crashed. He could hardly move, drastically weakened by his ailments and dehydration. His pale skin and weak little body  required immediate medical attention. The team gave him an emergency blood transfusion… and hoped for the best.

Chicken’s foster mom, Holly Livermore, did not give up on the little guy through any of this. And he would prove it once again: Chicken was no Chicken.

The team’s efforts and Chicken’s perseverance paid off. After the blood transfusion, he improved drastically. He started eating on his own, his skin started to improve, he started needing fewer and fewer medications. Once he was no longer contagious, Chicken started to make friends with dogs and cats alike. While very fearful at first, Chicken was quick to warm up and become a purring, cuddling machine.

chicken with adopterIt was just another day hanging out in the clinic for Chicken when in walked a wonderful donor and her friend. This friend had recently lost her beloved elderly cat (who also happened to be a male orange tabby), and, wouldn’t you know it, was a nurse in dermatology center. The remarkable before and after photos of Chicken’s skin infections were a must-share. Seeing his adorable little face and the struggle he had overcome hooked her... she had to meet the little man.

The moment they met, it was an obvious match. Chicken was all hugs, purrs and snuggles. Chicken had found his new mom.

Through all his trials and struggles, ups and downs, through all the effort, love and patience of his foster mom and the medical team, Chicken had proven to everyone he was no Chicken.

In fact, it was this journey that brought him to his perfect match.

And so it is with many of the wonderful animals we see at Austin Pets Alive!. Their journeys give them character and resilience… and the moment they find that forever home, they are eternally grateful for the care and patience of the wonderful team of APA! staff, volunteers and fosters. And eternally grateful for the love of their new family.

The look in their eyes when they finally snuggle up with their permanent mom, the wag of that tail when they run in their new backyard for the first time… the last first moment of meeting their family animals like Chicken never take their second chance for granted.