Curly update

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes

Curly_packHi guys, Curly here! I have been very busy since you last heard from me. I’ve been living with my foster family and learning how to behave like a good boy. I’ve calmed down a LOT and everyone has noticed! My foster family thinks it might have something to do with the training classes I’ve been going to at Lee Mannix. I’ve learned how to sit, lay, come, and wait (among other things).

curly_halloweenI still love to run and play, but now I also love to snuggle. I used to be kind of a nervous guy, but I’m learning that people are awesome and if you make a sweet face they can’t help but pet you! Sometimes I even think I’m a little lap dog =). My fur is super soft and snuggly, and getting pet really calms me down, so it’s a win-win!

I really love my foster family, but I’m still looking for my forever home. If you’d like to meet me, please email APA! today!

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