Dazey’s Ward Celebrates 100 Graduates

by StacyMorabito • Posted in: Adoptions, Pets Needing Homes, Volunteering

Congratulations to Dazey’s Ward for achieving 100 graduates from their program! Finn was adopted out of the program last week, marking the 100th cat to be successfully released from the ward.

Dazey’s Ward was founded in November in 2010 by a generous couple in memory of their rescue cat. The ward treats the cats and kittens of Austin Pets Alive! who come into the program with ringworm. Many other shelters will euthanize cats that have ringworm due to time it takes to treat the condition, and Dazey’s Ward has enabled Austin Pets Alive! to save many lives.

Dazey’s Ward is staffed ten hours a day by 7 volunteers. The ringworm treatment plan consists of medications and twice a week baths in a special solution that kills the fungus. Ringworm is a simple, treatable skin condition that is similar to athlete’s foot in humans, but its diagnosis is often a death sentence in shelters. Once the cats are cleared of ringworm, they will remain ringworm free unless they are re-exposed through another animal or human.

How You Can Help:

  • Dazey’s Ward is always looking for new volunteers. Please email email hidden; JavaScript is required if you would like to join this amazing team.
  • Visit the Dazey’s Ward Facebook page, where you can see all 100 graduates and the current residents of the ward that are available for adoption!

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