Dannie the Puppy

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*UPDATE 12/11/17* [Image Warning]

A little over a month ago, Dannie was found in a bucket with severe lacerations and injuries all over her body, completely unable to use her front leg as it was nearly torn off. After a period of monitoring and treatment in our medical clinic, Dannie moved into a foster home to continue her recovery and to live her puppy life to the fullest. While in foster, our APA! Medical Clinic team continued to monitor her progress and determine if her leg could be saved.

This past weekend, Dannie’s front leg had to be amputated—but that isn’t stopping this excitable now-tripawd! Even before the amputation, Dannie’s front left leg was essentially unusable, but she was still a rambunctious girl who loved playing with other dogs, giving them the cutest yodel-like howls. She captures everyone’s heart, and she’s even learning her first commands. Once she’s recovered from her surgery, she will be free to move about and continue being her playful self in her forever home.

While Dannie recovers from her surgery, she will require continuous medical care and attention. We expect her leg to be healed in about three weeks, and barring any further medical problems, she’ll transition to her forever home.

An amputation like this typically costs around $1,000 for the procedure, alone, in a private practice – but we knew we needed to give Dannie this chance at a fulfilling life. APA! exists so that pets like Dannie – initially left to fend for herself in a bucket, with unspeakable wounds – can have a new lease on life and receive the love, attention and adoration they deserve.

It is through your generous support that we are able to help give any pet that comes through our doors a chance to be treated kindly and find their forever homes. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support and interest in Dannie’s story.

Dannie’s Story

A 3-month-old puppy has just arrived at Austin Pets Alive! with extensive wounds. This is a powerful story but hard to hear, and many of the images captured were too graphic for us to include here.

Someone left Dannie in a bucket in incredible pain with her front left leg almost torn off. A good Samaritan found her and she was thankfully brought straight to APA!, where we were able to start assessing the damage and easing her pain immediately. The bones of her front leg currently appear to be okay, which means there’s a chance that her leg is saveable. She also has deep punctures all over her body. When she arrived, she was in severe pain and shock – she will need constant IVF fluid, morphine/pain medicine and daily bandaging, all of which our clinic is providing ’round the clock.

Dannie is currently on a 48-hour watch as we keep an eye on her front leg swelling, conduct tests, administer pain medicine, care and snuggles, and determine next steps. But it looks like this sweet girl has a long road ahead of her after what has undoubtedly already been a nightmare, and which could include the loss of a limb.

These are the types of animals we save. Dogs and cats who have been left to fend for themselves, or who a good human has found and wants to save, and APA! is the only one who can take them. These are the animals who have unbelievable injuries, illnesses, challenges or life stories – but who still exhibit a will to live and who deserve that chance. We’re fortunate enough to have a community of people, across the country, who care about giving animals like Dannie the opportunity to fight and ultimately find a loving family.

To help Dannie make sure she gets the treatment she needs and the best shot at making it through this difficult start to life, donate using the form below. New information on Dannie’s condition, prognosis and treatment options will be updated on this post and you can also sign up here to receive email updates!

Thank you so much, from all of us, for helping Dannie fight. 

*any funds raised in excess of those needed for Dannie and her treatment will be applied to other animals in need.