Defining a mission statement for TLAC

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Awareness/ PR

Tonight is the first planning meeting between the AAC and TLAC to develop policies and programs to make Austin a no kill city.

They will be redefining the mission statements of TLAC.

If you are interested in this subject, please join in at 6:30 at the Austin Energy Building at 721 Barton Springs. The meeting is in the First Floor Assembly Room. There is parking in the garage behind the building.

Here are the current mission statements of TLAC:
Animal Services
The purpose of Animal Services is to provide an array of animal control, health, and
pet-owner services to the public in order to promote responsible pet ownership and
humane treatment of animals.

Shelter Services
The purpose of Shelter Services is to provide care and shelter, quarantine,
placement, and disposition of animals for the community in order to protect the
public from animal hazards, maximize animal placement into homes, and
minimize the unnecessary euthanasia of animals.

The purpose of the Prevention activity is to provide outreach, sterilizations, and
support services to pet owners in the community in order to reduce shelter intake.

Animal Control
The purpose of Animal Control is to enforce animal regulations and assist the
public with animal-related concerns in order to protect citizens and animals in our

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